Education Attainment: Key Stage 4

This data shows Education Attainment at Key Stage 4. Numbers and percentages of pupils attaining at Key Stage 4 are shown by gender.

Points to be aware of:

• In 2016-2017, children were assessed under new school accountability standards with a new grading system of grades 9 to 1 instead of A* to G. This means data for the academic year ending in 2017 is not comparable with previous years' data. Analysis and comparisons between groups of pupils, types of schools and pupil characteristics are more likely to provide more meaningful information than comparisons over time.

• Two new headline standards are shown in this dataset: English and maths strong passes at grades 9-5, and the English Baccalaureate with strong passes at grades 9 to 5 in English and maths. In addition, we have also provided both statistics based on standard passes at grade 9 to 4, as these statistics should be comparable with historical A*-C measures. More information: see the Secondary Curriculum, key stage 3 and key stage 4 (GCSEs) website (link to this included as Resource accompanying these datasets).

Data is included for Wards, Lower Super Output Areas (LSOA), Districts, and Lincolnshire. The data has been aggregated based on pupil postcode and only includes those pupils living and educated within Lincolnshire. If you want Lincolnshire and District aggregations based on those pupils that are educated within Lincolnshire, irrespective of where they live; then please see the Department for Education Statistics website and School Performance Tables (links to these included as Resources accompanying these datasets).

Data is suppressed where appropriate 5 persons and below (this may be shown by missing data). That and any unmatched postcodes may mean numbers for small areas might not add up exactly to figures shown for larger areas.

This data is updated annually. Data source: Lincolnshire County Council, Performance Services – Schools Performance.

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Please note: National data for Key Stage 4 results are published via: Key stage 4 performance, Academic year 2022/23 – Explore education statistics – GOV.UK (

There have been methodological changes since 2019 to cater for the issues seen during the pandemic. The DfE offer the following commentary via the link above:

“Last academic year saw the return of the summer exam series, after they had been cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, where alternative processes were set up to award grades (centre assessment grades, known as CAGs, and teacher assessed grades, known as TAGs). As part of the transition back to the summer exam series adaptations were made to the exams (including advance information) and the approach to grading for 2022 exams broadly reflected a midpoint between results in 2019 and 2021. More information on these changes can be seen in the Guide to GCSE results for England, summer 2022.

Given the unprecedented change in the way GCSE results were awarded in the summers of 2020 and 2021, as well as the changes to grade boundaries and methods of assessment for 2021/22, users need to exercise caution when considering comparisons over time, as they may not reflect changes in pupil performance alone.”

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