Welcome to Lincolnshire Open Data!

Lincolnshire Open Data has been created to support Lincolnshire County Council's commitment to freeing up Lincolnshire's data.

This site contains a catalogue of data. You are able to search for, preview and download a wide range of data in a number of different themes shown as Groups (see the Groups link at the top).

Lincolnshire Open Data is the place for the public, researchers and developers to access and analyse information about the county. We want citizens to be able to use the data that is held within this site - free of charge - in innovative ways.

This Lincolnshire Open Data platform is the place where Lincolnshire County Council's internal data will be readily accessible. The council's datasets will be supplemented with a number of datasets owned by other organisations and thought to provide valuable data about Lincolnshire.

For more information on the council's Approach to Open Data, please see this document:- LCC's Approach to Open Data - Lincolnshire County Council